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A Privilege to Hit the Wall



White Ghost 120 * 100 cm

White Ghost – 白鬼
120 * 100 cm

Why do we run? Because of the line behind us: because we are born.
A beautiful ghost is behind us, we have to run.
線有兩種:起點的線和終點的。我們為什麼要跑?因為背後有條線推著, 過河小卒沒有其他選擇

God 1 120*160

God 1 跑神

If mathematics exists only on a sheet of paper, it can be fun and fine. But if geometry is in your body, in your flesh, in your bones, in your ligaments,…. how much gym exercise one has to practice to get a stronger muscle without injury?
A perfect runner’s life need mathematics to help.


God 2 120* 160 cm

God 2 跑神
120* 160 cm

The road of wisdom needs devotion, this devotion calls for mathematics .
God is reborn from the sweat of mathematics…. But where is evil?



shadow 120 * 160

shadow – 影子
120 * 160

The high voltage spotlights cast on the wide road, making it a piece of shining white Silk Road.
So shining, so harsh, nearly arrogant, and almost lonely.
If you don’t like lonely, don’t’ worry. In fact, maybe loneliness also does not like you!



Beat me 120 * 100 cm

Time track – 時光跑道
120 * 100 cm

Imagine your ancestor, chasing a deer. After a certain distance, would a thought ever come to her mind: ”it is 5 kilometer. Enough for today!”?

For the hunting running, the start line was: “I want it, I want to live, I want to get respect.” The finish line could only be : ”I get it”!



Mad, on my 4 legs 疯

Mad, on my 4 legs – 疯
100 * 120 cm

Falling on my knees , I feel this is closer to the heart of the earth.
I am not crazy, I am still alive. You have no right to say I am a loser, just because I don’t follow your doctrine…
Mad or not mad? Just because I live not like you?



Me and the public 115 * 75

Me and the public – 我與眾生
115 * 75

Don’t help me, I don’t want to be disqualified.
It is my choice, my fight, my devotion. I am willing to take all the sweetness and sourness.


Hands on head 115*75

Hands on head – 雙手在頭上

God, you should have stood on my side,
you should have made me calm,
made me strong,
made me lucky.
God, I will give you one more chance.

上帝, 您應該讓我平靜,



Injury in the Eggshell womb 115*75 cm

Injury in the Eggshell womb
115*75 cm

Year by year, you tell yourself to live with the pain.
But you know very well: the food that your mother gave to you was an ideological doping;
and your motherland is a retarded mega-prison.



In the shower cabin 75*115

In the shower cabin – 浴室

Run hard, in exchange for a clean liberation .


Green Laughing on my back 115*75

Green Laughing – 綠色的笑

Winning and orgasm, which one is more sweet?


Red carpet 115 * 75 cm

Red carpet – 紅地毯
115 * 75 cm

“To prove the other wrong” can create more active energy than just “to prove my point”!


Praying 75*115

Praying – 祈禱

If you key in the training day, time, and training program,
I would implement it 100% as you request, no matter what kind of harsh weather condition.
My lord, I want to honor you.




Long Lying in Orange 50*150 cm

Sacrifice – 奉獻
50*150 cm

Dedicated to the sky, offer to the earth, nothing more than this bloody piece of mortal anorexic flesh, …


Back 40 * 80 cm

Back – 跑者的背
40 * 80 cm

What is sexy? The most important part that you want to see is covered.
That kind of thirsty desire is the base for sex.
Running is sexy.

什麼是性感?最想看到的地方被遮蓋了, 你好想….那種渴望是性的起點。


A White Day 120 * 100 cm

A White Day – 白天
120 * 100 cm

The perspective is absurd. They run not on the moon, not on Mars; in different directions, even in different dimensions.
Are they mad? Running for nothing? Keeping a body living for nothing?
Mad or not,it is decided by the society.
Foucault said, madness is decided by the society; from running, now I understand him . Thank you, Foucault. You may not make me run faster, longer, but you help me clarify some fundamental questions more than running.


Broken Fact 75 * 115 cm

Broken Fact
75 * 115 cm

He had created the fact that he would reach his goal.
And now he does not want to see the broken fact.


Open the Wings 40 * 30

Open the Wings
40 * 30

Her way of groaning is so much of pure animal, of fighting.
發球時的呻吟與其他女網球選手不同: 低沉厚實活像動物戰鬥的吼喊。


Open the Wind 40 * 70

Open the Wind
40 * 70

A match needs, as dance, an audience. the observer.


If I could be a Runner 100 * 120 cm

If I could be a Runner
100 * 120 cm

Calculating with strategy. Knowing the ability of your friends and enemies, the joy of competing is a happiness carrying oxigen.


Because I Can 60 * 40

Because I Can
60 * 40

Chasing or fleeing?
The running action itself is no different, it depends on the background.
是追逐競賽或是逃難竄遁, 奔跑動作沒有什麼不同,就看場景。


High Knee Pure Stride 40 * 80 cm

High Knee Pure Stride
40 * 80 cm

To dare, to be relaxed. You need to have a mathematical picture of your body.
要敢, 要鬆, 眼前要浮現一個數學幾何畫面: 身體移動坐標。


The need of Explosion 50 * 50 cm

The need of Explosion
50 * 50 cm

According to Newton’s laws of motion , if there is no net force on an object, the object is either at rest or it moves with constant speed in a single direction.
The running life is alike, once it starts, it keeps movement. You just have to make it move, after that it will not stop.



1-2-3-4 50 * 60

50 * 60

A split-second before the finish. Every position needs the same fight.
賽跑終點前, 不管你是第一名,第二名或最後一名, 每個競爭者都需要相同的戰鬥決心。


Decomposition 100 * 120 cm

Decomposition – 腐爛
100 * 120 cm

The start line is the end of one project, and the finishing line of your next marathon is so near by, in terms of how many years you have wasted by not being involved with running.
有時馬拉松賽跑的起點與終點非常接近, 這是像人生,出生時,死亡也不遠。你可以從不同角度看運動跑者:每一個終點結局是接近起點: 是遠? 是近? 就看你如何對待它。


Beat me if You can 75 *  115 cm

Beat me if You can
如果你有本領, 試看看,贏得了我嗎?
75 * 115 cm

Sport is about beating your opponent; philosophy is for the wise loser or something after the race.


Kneel Down 75 * 115

Kneel Down – 跪下
75 * 115

Everybody loves the hero, but you have to love yourself, no matter when.
每個人都喜歡英雄,無論你是成功還是失敗, 愛你自己。

Hit the Wall 50 x 50 cm

Hit the Wall – 撞牆
50 x 50 cm

To listen or to understand, that is the question.


Game Over 40 * 80 cm

Game Over – 結局
40 * 80 cm

To win is the other side of catastrophe.
Good and bad things look the same, they are each other’s shadow – there is no difference.

好和壞彷彿對立, 其實他們是彼此的影子, 沒有什麼不同。